Live Reload Browser Page

This is a browser plugin that reloads a browser page in real time

Pay when you can. Although the program is paid, we do not block the main functionality if the user has not purchased a license.
live reload browser page
Friendly user interface with a convenient control system and configuration of this plugin.
Handy mini-panel to enable the plugin and briefly view the information. It is clearly visible when the connection to the server is established and when it is not.
live reload browser page
live reload browser page
  • Configurable host and port for connecting.
  • Supports remote server connection to reload browser page in real time.
  • Support for SSL connections, both local and remote.
  • Partial reload of a browser page. You can reload Javascript, HTML or CSS separately, without completely reloading the browser page.
  • It is possible to set a local setting for each site separately.
Notification of browser page reloading with different settings, sound and visual notification.
live reload browser page
  • Works both outside the web root and with the web root.
  • Doesn't require any web scripts for this plugin to work
  • There are built-in programs that come in handy when developing websites:
    • Reload noticifation
    • Live Alert
    • Live HTML validator
live reload browser page
Viewing the connection log.
Smoothly appearing error messages.
live reload browser page